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About TextAnywhere

TextAnywhere is a UK organisation, set-up in 2003, with a mission to deliver high quality, trusted text message business solutions. That is our sole business function - we are not a spin-off from a related business. All our energies and resources are channelled in to providing and developing ever-improving and wide-ranging text-messaging solutions for our clients.

These solutions range from online and email-based, end-user applications that you send and receive messages from, to Web Services and HTTPS development tools for integrators wishing to interface their applications to the text-messaging world.

We also provide our partners with a White Label service so that they can offer all of our services as their own, under their livery, logo and colour scheme, with no mention of TextAnywhere.

We have earned the right to call over 12,000 UK organisations clients of ours. Our client community includes single person businesses, academic establishments, health sector organisations and FTSE 100 companies. All our clients share a common belief that communication with customers and colleagues can be improved using our text-messaging solutions.

We encourage our clients and prospects to tell us their needs, where we can improve and what we do well. Through such feedback we are able to hone our business and develop our services.

We believe we are different to many other organisations. We are not a faceless Internet company. We are real people who care passionately about our clients.

TextAnywhere is an accredited Carbon Neutral organisation, having achieved accreditation in August 2008. We offset our carbon emissions by investing in global projects that balance our carbon emissions in areas such as renewable energy, resource conservation, waste reduction, and forestry projects.

We are proud of the strides that we have made in reducing our carbon footprint, and we will continue to work with our partners and our clients to reinforce our commitment to manage environmental issues effectively within our existing businesses.

In March of 2012 TextAnywhere achieved Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance to further protect our clients' payment card data.

TextAnywhere is also committed to donating 1% of its corporate resources each year to good causes. Through our Foundation 1% of our net profit, 1% of our products and services, and 1% of our team's time is donated to not-for-profit organisations.

TextAnywhere is part of the Stericycle Communication Solutions family. At Stericycle Communication Solutions we deliver a range of global communication-based services and technologies that improve the way organisations engage with their customers.

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TextAnywhere is a PCI DSS Level 4 Compliant company
TextAnywhere is a Carbon Neutral company
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