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TextOnline - Simple, safe and secure

TextOnline is a web-based application that enables registered users to send SMS text messages to one or more named contacts stored in their online address books.

The application has the following capabilities:

  • » Send SMS text messages from any online computer to any mobile phone.
  • » Send your chosen 11-character Sender Id with your messages.
  • » Receive replies back to your TextOnline Inbox, email or mobile phone.
  • » Create global and personal address books of named contacts.
  • » Create groups of contacts within your address books.
  • » Send SMS messages to individuals and groups.
  • » Build and store online message templates.
  • » Schedule messages for later delivery.
  • » Send messages in any language or writing system.
  • » Review the delivery status of every message sent to each recipient.
  • » Set each message’s expiration from 1 to 72 hours.
  • » Send messages of up to 918 characters in length.
  • » Recipients can text STOP and be automatically opted out of future messages.
  • » View online reports to monitor usage and delivery success.
  • » Create and manage any number of additional users on your corporate account.
  • » Secure online access is provided by Verisign certification.
  • » Restrict access to your users’ accounts with IP address lockdown.
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