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Bulk SMS Marketing

TextAnywhere has a range of bulk SMS marketing solutions to enable organisations to contact groups of individuals by SMS.

Sending SMS marketing messages has become a popular and successful means of getting a short message in to the palm of someone’s hand quickly and cost effectively.

Our bulk SMS services can be used to let your clients know of a new product, or send out membership offers, or encourage customers to your restaurant, or confirm appointments with, for example, doctors, dentists, and hair salons.

You can even receive replies to your bulk SMS campaigns, with the inbound messages delivered to you as either emails, or stored online for you to download at your convenience.

SMS campaigns can be sent in any language, can be scheduled for later delivery, and can be personalised to each recipient, with for example, their first name.

Our primary bulk SMS marketing application is TextCampaign, a web-based service accessed securely from a user’s online account.

With TextCampaign, you run through a simple four-step process to send your SMS campaign to recipients stored in a previously prepared spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet must contain a column of phone numbers, mobile or landline, and can optionally contain any columns that you would like to personalise your message with.

As well as TextCampaign, you can also use our TextOnline service to send your bulk SMS campaign. With TextOnline, your messages are sent to named contacts or groups of contacts stored online, rather than contained in a spreadsheet.

In addition to our two online bulk SMS marketing services, TextAnywhere also has two email-to-SMS services and a Developer toolkit.

The email-to-SMS services enable SMS messages to be sent from any email system, using TextMail, and from Microsoft Outlook, using TextOMS, using Outlook’s Mobile Service.

The TextAnywhere Developer Toolkit enables developer partners to integrate bulk SMS services in to their own application or web site.

Our white label service, TextPartner, provides our commercial partners with our full range of bulk SMS marketing services, under their colour scheme, logo and look and feel, without any mention of TextAnywhere.

TextAnywhere has been providing bulk SMS marketing services to commercial and public sector organisations since 2002, and our client community now numbers over 11,400 UK organisations.

Our client community includes Barnardo’s, Debenhams, Harveys, Dyson, Virgin Active, CM2000, and various academia and health organisations.

For more information on our range of bulk SMS marketing services, please do contact us on 08451 221 302.

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