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Carbon Neutral

In August of 2008 TextAnywhere became a certified Carbon Neutral organisation to further its aims of minimising its carbon footprint.

One of our goals when we formed TextAnywhere back in 2003 was to conduct ourselves in a way that minimised our impact on the environment, without compromising our service quality.

From the early days we decided not to have any paper-based transactions – all system communications, invoices, statements, alerts and letters are sent electronically. In fact the only paper you'll see from TextAnywhere is the occasional business card!

We have also put in place systems and processes to enable our team to work securely from home, when and if they wish to. This helps to significantly reduce commuting emissions and enables each of us to have a very positive work/life balance.

Having put these initiatives in place over the early years we formalised our commitment to being a socially responsible organisation by working with the CarbonNeutral organisation to achieve their accreditation.

We became certified as being Carbon Neutral in August of 2008, and you can find our accreditation here.

The reason for becoming Carbon Neutral was not to be able to stick a logo on our web site, but rather to be able to better understand our carbon output, and to then both invest in projects that redressed our carbon output and find ways of further reducing our green house gas emissions.

Each year we are audited to establish what our carbon footprint has been for the year. This is calculated based on green house gas emissions from our systems (and our partners), the travel journeys we undertake (commuting and business), the waste we generate, the heating we consume, the electricity we use, and the choice of goods we consume.

Once our green house gas emissions for the year have been calculated, we then make financial investments in global projects that offset our carbon footprint. TextAnywhere contributes essential finance to support renewable energy and resource conversation projects across the globe.

The annual audit also identifies ways in which TextAnywhere can continue to reduce its green house gas emissions.

Becoming Carbon Neutral in 2008 was an achievement that we are extremely proud of. However it is not the end-game.

TextAnywhere continually strives to find ways in which it can reduce its carbon footprint and be a more socially responsible organisation. Our Social Responsibility Policy outlines our commitments in this area, and also provides details of our Foundation which donates 1% of our corporate resources to not-for-profit organisations each year.

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