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Water Babies

TextAnywhere makes a splash to help the Water Babies

Water Babies began in 2002 when Paul and Jess Thompson began teaching their children to swim. It wasn’t long before they decided they wanted to teach other babies and toddlers too… and from there the rest is history.

Water Babies grew faster than anyone could have imagined and thanks to an incredible network of like-minded people they now teach 30,000 little ones per week. Through franchising, Water Babies has been able to achieve stable and sustainable growth, with even more exciting developments yet to come. This approach has also enabled them to spread their water-wings and extend the business internationally, and they are growing fast in Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada. They really do plan to teach the world to swim!

SMS Confirmations Go Down Swimmingly

Water Babies communicate water class bookings and cancellations for clients via TextAnywhere’s TextCampaign and TextOnline solutions. The nature their business means everything is very reliant on the pool availability, and scheduling is paramount. Texting is such a time saver for the hundreds of users on the Water Babies system. Using TextOnline to contact customers ensures the messages are received immediately, rather than making a phone call or sending an email which may not be easily or quickly responded to.

Through TextCampaign, Water Babies can export all their contact numbers from their databases, via their CRM system, and import them in to the TextAnywhere application. This is such a simple way of contacting people quickly and by using the incredibly functional templates within TextCampaign, Water Babies can contact a customer within minutes which is incredibly important to the organisation as a whole.

But it doesn’t end there, Water Babies use the system internally too. With the Head Office in Devon, and 52 franchises spread far and wide, they utilise text reminders for the monthly team update webinars to help colleagues keep their diaries up to date and afford them a chance to reply back with points to be included in the meeting. The feedback they receive through the replies is really useful, plus people tend to reply back to a text message very quickly.

Lastly, and most importantly, Water Babies rely on text marketing for specific campaigns and promotions. For example, within their swimming program a customer may reach a specific stage within their tutorage where the pupil may require goggles, and it is at this point Water Babies would use TextCampaign to send out offers on goggles. In this instance SMS messaging is very helpfully and easily directs the customer to the Water Babies website.

What made Water Babies dive into text messaging?

Water Babies find text messaging extremely useful for repeat bookings and scheduling the rebooking. They are incredibly satisfied that nearly everyone replies to their texts. The nature of the business is focused on booking lessons so for Water Babies previously by sending email messages prompting “stop swimming” or “continue with lessons” to their customers. As you would imagine, there was generally a lot of admin around collating those responses. Looking for a quick, easy and responsive solution was very important to Water Babies, thus by using text messaging to contact customers it has made administration so much easier as replies are all gathered in one simple report. Now Water Babies use TextCampaign service far more than email, and feedback from their customers on the use of text messaging as the preferred communications has been incredibly useful.

And why did Water Babies chose the TextAnywhere?... well, quite simply for the time savings, cost efficiencies and a great service that always works no matter what. Plus Water Babies confirmed that the TextAnywhere system is so easy to work with existing users only need to spend around 10 to 15 minutes training each new franchise contact, which in turn saves the head office a significant amount of down time.

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A Secure Company

Since 2002, TextAnywhere has offered a range of business text messaging services that focus on reliability, ease of use, security and good value, backed by quality support from a financially secure, profitable organisation.

Wide Range of Services

TextAnywhere provides commercial and public sector organisations with SMS messaging services, through online and email applications, on a pre-paid model or monthly account terms. The company also offers a Developer Toolkit for clients to integrate texting in to their own applications, as well as a White Label service for partners who wish to offer TextAnywhere’s services as their own, branded text messaging services.

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