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Text-enable your in-house applications and websites with our Web Service, HTTPS Connector and email-to-SMS tools

Developer Services and Toolkit - Developer Toolkit

The TextAnywhere Developer Toolkit contains the following components to ensure ease of use and swift integration between your application and the SMS Gateway:

  • Use of our Web Service, HTTPS Connector and SMTP Service interfaces
  • Fully documented Methods for sending and receiving SMS messages
  • Developer Centre Link navigates away from site with code samples and test facilities
  • Your secure account directly on our SMS Gateway
  • Free text messages to test your application
  • Ability to send messages internationally
  • Unlimited, free technical support
  • Access to our team of developers for advice and guidance
  • Competitive SMS prices and a reseller partnership, if appropriate

Our Developer Centre Link navigates away from site will provide you with the resources you need to help you easily and swiftly integrate text messaging in to your application or web site.

We have detailed information on the APIs we provide, as well as code samples, Service Test functions, and access to assistance. Click here Link navigates away from site to visit the Developer Centre.

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