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Are there any limitations on which Keyword I can use with a Short Code?

Typically the only limitations on which Keyword you can use with a Short Code is reliant on which words are available. It may be that your preferred word is already being rented by another party, and in this case you would need to decide upon a different word, or distinguish yours in a different way.

Consideration for the word or words you choose should also be taken into account, for example profanities, vulgarities or slang would not be recommended or allowed!

We recommend that you choose a word that meets the following criteria:

- Keep it as short as possible, generally between 3 and 8 characters.
- A word that comes up on handsets’ predictive text systems.
- A well-known word that can easily be spelt.
- No text-speak words that are missing characters.
- Don’t mix numbers and symbols with your letters.

For more information about TextPremium and how to choose Keywords and Short Codes please contact us and our Customer Service team will call you to discuss this further.

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