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Can I be notified when a certain number of messages are sent through my account?

You can choose to be alerted when a certain number of messages have been sent through your account within a given period.

The Credits Used Warning threshold can be set from the CREDITS USED ALERT left-hand menu option of the ADMINISTRATION PANEL.

To set the Credits Used Warning threshold, enter the number of messages (in credits) at which point you would like to be alerted, and select the time period over which the messages would be sent.

If the threshold is reached, an email or SMS warning will be sent to your nominated account contacts.

The threshold works across both the end-user applications and the automated developer services, including the web service, HTTP service and the email-to-SMS services.

To turn off this function, tick the DISABLE CREDITS USED WARNING box. This is the default setting for an account.

To set the warning recipients, click on the ACCOUNT CONTACTS left-hand menu option. Then tick the RECEIVE SMS ALERTS and/or RECEIVE EMAIL ALERTS tick-boxes against the contacts who should receive the alerts.

Should you require any further help, please contact our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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