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Can I offer Short Code SMS services without charging customers?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, the vast majority of short code services do not charge customers as they are used as a simple means by which a user can communicate with an organisation.

Most short code services nowadays are used to enable individuals to text in a response to a marketing Call-To-Action. An ad may encourage the reader to “Text INFO to 81045 for more information”, for example.

A small number of short code services do send back premium rate messages. This occurs when the service provided is a chargeable service, and the message being sent back to the handset is charged at the rate of the service.

These services are highly regulated and organisations wishing to run such premium services have to be registered with PhonepayPlus and have their service approved by both PhonepayPlus and TextAnywhere.

Messages sent from a handset to any Short Code are charged to the sender at their standard network rate. With most phone contracts (PAYG and monthly) containing batches of free messages, it is likely that any message sent in to a short code is free of charge to the sender.

For more information on our range of short code services, please take a look at our TextPremium service.

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