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Can I track the delivery of a message sent by one of my clients through the White Label service?

Yes. From the White Label Administration panel you can select one of your client accounts, and then track one or more messages through the Message Tracker.

The MESSAGE TRACKER enables you to search and view the delivery status associated with individual messages sent through your client accounts. Entering a full or partial number in the DESTINATION search field will return the messages sent to (or received by) numbers matching your search criteria.

Similarly, entering a full or partial ORIGINATOR in the search field will return the messages that match your search criteria. If you enter an ACCOUNT ID, then messages sent by that account will be returned.

For any returned results, only messages matching your criteria that have been sent in the past 45 days will be displayed.

The following message information is returned for each message:

ACCOUNT ID - the sending client

USER ID - the sending user

ORIGINATOR - the 11 characters or phone number sent with the message

DATA - the message body

DESTINATION - recipient phone number

DELIVERY STATUS - the message's current delivery position

DATE ADDED - the date and time the message was sent

DATE UPDATED - the date and time the last message status was received (this will generally be the delivered time)

MESSAGE REFERENCE – the unique reference for the message that you should use when engaging with us

If you require further help, please contact our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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