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Can you do a mail merge to personalise your text message, when sending an SMS marketing campaign?

The TextCampaign online application provides the functionality for you to be able to personalise the SMS messages that you are sending out as part of your SMS marketing campaign. As you would with an email campaign, compile your contact database with all the fields you'll want to use. For example if you are texting a car owner about their MOT reminder and want to include their name and registration number, ensure these fields are in the database file.

Once logged in to your online TetAnywhere account, click on the TextCampaign tab and you will be taken through a simple four step wizard to send out your SMS campaign. The first step is to upload the database file in a CSV (comma separated variable) spreadsheet. You can create CSV files easily from within applications such as Microsoft Excel.

In step two, TextCampaign will ask you which columns of your data you want to use to personalise your message with. So, if column A contains the surname of the recipient and column D contains the car's registration number, then you just tell TextCampaign that these are the two columns that you wish to use to personalise your SMS message.

These personalised fields are known as variables, and you just insert these variables within the body of the SMS message in step three of setting up your SMS marketing campaign.

And in step four you just decide whether you want recipients to be able to reply to your message or send your choice of 11 characters with the SMS message, to help the recipient recognise you as the sending organisation.

Please contact our Customer Care team on 08451 221 302 if you have any further questions.

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