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How do I judge how successful my SMS marketing campaign has been?

Before starting any marketing strategy you will need to decide the objective of the campaign. What do you want your recipients to do? Fill in a form? Look at your website? Buy something online? Book an appointment?

By using Google Analytics (which is one of many available analytics tools) you are able to track the performance and judge how successful your SMS marketing campaign has been, through goals, events and revenue tracking.

Once your SMS marketing campaign has been released, the following metrics should also be taken into account when judging the effectiveness of a campaign:
• Visits
• Click through rate percentage (CTR – visits / total SMS messages sent * 100)
• Time on page
• Bounce rate
• Revenue
• Number of events completed

For more information on how to successfully track your SMS marketing campaigns you can read our free Measurable SMS Marketing Guide.

Alternatively, please do contact our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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