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I have a message longer than 160 characters is it possible to send as 2 text messages?

When an extended-length message of over 160 characters is sent, the message is still dispatched to the handset (by our operator partners) as multiple message parts. However, the handset will then reassemble the message parts, and display a single, extended-length message.

Each message part can contain a reduced maximum of 153 characters. The number of message parts that you can send is determined by you, for your account, through a new setting called EXTENDED SMS, on the Administration Panel. You can set the number of message parts between 1 and 6, with the default setting being 3.

Setting the message length to the maximum of 6 will enable you to send messages of up to 918 characters.

Please be aware that you are charged for each message part that you send. This is a UK network operator policy that we have no choice but to comply with.

For more information, please call our Customer Care team on 08451 221 302.

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