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What is TextAnywhere's Foundation?

At TextAnywhere we pride ourselves on being a socially responsible organisation and as a result we run a series of charitable initiatives...

Does TextAnywhere ever have any sales or promotions on SMS marketing?

TextAnywhere offers its clients the very best deals with the very best service. We remain totally committed to delivering the best...

Is it possible to apply for or nominate a charity to be helped by TextAnywhere's Foundation?

The Foundation is part of our on-going commitment to being a socially responsible organisation by donating 1% of our company resources (1%...

How can a charity use SMS Marketing?

There are a number of reasons why text marketing is beneficial to charitable organisations, notwithstanding the ability to receive...

What charities are being supported by the TextAnywhere's Foundation currently?

Each year our Foundation supports not-for-profit organisations through its commitment to donate 1% of TextAnywhere’s resources to...

Why should I choose TextAnywhere over other SMS competitors?

TextAnywhere is the leading provider of text messaging services in the UK with a client community of over 12,000 UK organisations. We have...

Does TextAnywhere provide any discounts for SMS services?

Yes we do. We provide discounts for clients buying or sending messages in volume, as well as providing discounts for charitable...

What makes TextAnywhere different from other similar SMS marketing service providers?

TextAnywhere Ltd is a UK company, set-up in 2003, with a mission to deliver high quality, trusted, text messaging solutions to the business...

Does TextAnywhere offer discounts for nonprofits?

Yes. TextAnywhere are very keen to support all charitable efforts and not-for-profit organisations. We would be pleased to discuss a...

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