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With a White Label, can my clients be either Prepay or Postpay?

Yes, you can choose whether your clients are Pre-pay or Post-pay. A Pre-Pay client must have sufficient message credits on their account...

Can I track the delivery of a message sent by one of my clients through the White Label service?

Yes. From the White Label Administration panel you can select one of your client accounts, and then track one or more messages through the...

Does the White Label SMS service let me rebrand the client interface?

The concept behind the development of the White Label solution was to allow 3rd parties to brand the interface as their own to help add a...

Can I completely rebrand the SMS White Label Service?

While much of the layout and structure of the system is fixed, you are able to customise the interface with your own logos and colours to...

Does the White Label SMS Service allow for mark up of credit prices?

Yes, there is credit price flexibility within the White Label SMS service. Once you have set up your White Label service with TextAnywhere...

How do I manage the cost my clients pay for their white label SMS credits?

It is entirely down to you to determine the cost of the text messages that your clients buy through your White Label service with us. The...

With the white label SMS service can my clients have pre and post pay accounts?

Yes, you can choose for your clients to be either pre or post-pay clients. Pre-pay clients must have credits on their account to be able to...

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