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Partner Programs – Reseller Partner, Developer Partner and White Label Partner

Developer Program

TextAnywhere provides the development community with standards-based tools to enable text messages to be sent and received from within an organisation’s application and web environment. Through using our Developer’s Toolkit, existing applications can interact directly with our SMS Gateway to send text messages.

Text-enable your application

You can easily and swiftly add text messaging to your application or website environment. Our Developer’s Toolkit provides you with code samples, a reference guide, free test messages and full access to our development team, to help you text-enable your application. Whether you are adding text messaging to your travel, estate agency, help desk, CRM, GP surgery, scheduling or school truancy application, we can help you achieve your goals. And our Developer’s Toolkit is free of charge!

Web Service solution

Our approach to delivering this direct connection is somewhat unique. Rather than provide you with a series of Objects for a selection of operating systems, which you would then embed within your applications (and hope that we don’t make any changes!), we have developed two software-free means for you to send and receive messages:

  • » Web Service
  • » HTTPS Connector

Standards-based SOAP and .NET Framework support

By accessing our Web Service through the SOAP specification or .NET Framework, you require no software from us, just an understanding of how to use SOAP or the .NET Framework from within your environment. And all languages and operating systems support SOAP and the .NET Framework – so whatever your development or operating system environment, you can interface with our SMS Gateways directly to send and receive text messages.

Connect to our SMS Gateway via our HTTPS Connector

You can also connect to our SMS Gateway by using HTTPS. All of the Web Service methods are available via HTTPS, providing a comprehensive HTTPS service.

Let us know how we can improve the Web Service

One of our strengths is our flexibility. So, if you require additional fields or capability within the Web Service to address your text messaging requirements, we will change the Web Service to reflect your needs.

Working together

We would like to be seen as an extension of your development team, providing you with text messaging solutions with real depth and breadth, at a fraction of the in-house development cost.

How can we help?

If you would like to discuss our Developer Program in more detail then please do call us on 08451 221 302 , drop us an email, or complete the short form below:

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