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Our Background, our Policies and our Foundation

PCI DSS Compliance

In March of 2012 TextAnywhere achieved Payment card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance to further protect our clients' payment card data.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express, formed the Payment card Industry Security Standards Council in 2006, with an objective to lay down technical standards for organisations using payment cards that ensured payment card data security.

This led to the PCI DSS standard for organisations who take and use payment card data to complete online or offline purchases.

TextAnywhere has supported payment card s, both credit and debit cards, since 2004, through our partner Barclaycard.

In mid-2011 we embarked on a major project to become PCI DSS compliant. To achieve our objective we partnered with DataCash, a Mastercard company, and re-architected much of our payment and billing system to move the storage and access of all client payment card data away from our systems to DataCash, a level 1 PCI DSS compliant organisation.

TextAnywhere was awarded PCI DSS compliance by SecurityMetrics (Barclaycard's compliance partner) in March of 2012.

Since we achieved PCI DSS compliance we no longer hold any payment card data, instead seamlessly passing clients through to the secure DataCash platform when making a payment or entering card details through their TextAnywhere online account.

To retain compliance, TextAnywhere has a process of continual review of its payment card processes and systems, and conducts annual PCI DSS audits, a condition of ongoing compliance.

Our Information Security Policy confirms our commitment to PCI DSS compliance and is fully supported by the board of TextAnywhere.

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