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When sending messages using TextOnline, TextCampaign, TextSurvey, TextMail, TextOMS, and the Developer Toolkit, you just pay for the messages that you send.

Messages are sent using direct connections only; we do not use grey or “blended” routes.

Pre-pay message charges

Clients with pre-pay accounts opened since May 2017 can securely purchase the following Message Packs directly through their account.

Messages per Pack Message Cost
(excl. VAT)
Message Pack Cost
(excl. VAT)
250 4.90p £12.25
500 4.90p £24.50
1,000 4.90p £49.00
5,000 4.90p £245.00
10,000 4.50p £450.00
25,000 3.40p £850.00
50,000 3.20p £1,600.00
100,000 2.90p £2,900.00

Please contact us if you have a specific project in mind or require larger pack sizes.

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  • No account set-up, monthly or ongoing charges.
  • Free support.
  • No minimum monthly message volume, message credits don’t expire.
  • No minimum contract length or commitment.
  • No hidden costs.
  • A message credit includes:
    • Sending a standard GSM message of up to 160 characters. Longer concatenated messages can be sent up to 6 parts (918 characters) with each part costing a credit.
    • Reply options - replies to an online inbox, email or send with your company name up to 11 characters.
    • Delivery status reporting.
  • Discounts available for charities, educational establishments, NHS, housing associations and emergency services.

Credit account message charges

Credit account facilities, invoiced monthly, can be arranged subject to status. Please contact us on 08451 221 302 or by email at customercare@textanywhere.net

Sending messages internationally

You can send messages to over 230 countries around the world. Whilst most countries are charged at the same cost as your country, some countries can be a little higher.

Click here for the list of countries that you can send SMS messages to and the appropriate credit cost.

Additional services


A dedicated TextInbound number, purchased and set-up online from within your account, is charged from £25 per month on a monthly contract. There is no setup fee, and inbound messages are free for you to receive.

TextPremium Short Codes

Charges for the TextPremium short code service fall in to two areas: a set-up fee and a monthly rental of your Short Code and Keywords, as follows:

Short Code Type Set-up Charge Monthly Charge Set-up Time Minimum Period Cancellation Notice
Shared, with one keyword £29 £39 4-5 Working Days 1 Month 1 Month
Dedicated, with unlimited keywords £695 £795 6-8 Weeks 6 Months 3 Months

Both shared and dedicated shortcodes are available as standard rate or toll free (FTEU) options. With the standard rate option the handset will be charged one standard network rate message to send to the shortcode, with the FTEU option there is no cost to the handset but the inbound message will be charged to your account from 7.50p per inbound received.


Each TextAlert is purchased and set-up online from within your account, and is charged at £10 per month. Messages that are then sent through your TextAlert are charged as above.Each TextAlert is purchased and set-up online from within your account, and is charged at £10 per month. Messages that are then sent through your TextAlert are charged as above.

Please note that the above charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

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