Our Background, our Policies and our Foundation


TextAnywhere has hosted its services on managed platforms within Rackspace data centres since 2004. Since that time we have not experienced any unplanned service outages.

The Rackspace goal of delivering "fanatical support" complements our ethos of providing our clients with a business-grade text-messaging service, backed up by customer support excellence.

Rackspace provides TextAnywhere with a managed platform, and takes full responsibility for both the hardware and software components of the platform.

Our managed platform is based on Dell web and database servers, high availability load balancers and firewalls, and storage area networks. Managed monthly patching updates ensure that the individual servers are always up to date with the latest software versions to combat any potential threats.

Each of our managed platform's devices are continually monitored 24 x 7, with each device's components being constantly checked for performance and capability.

Our application software components have a similar monitoring approach, with a text message "heartbeat" sent every minute to check the end-to-end integrity of both our systems, and our delivery partners.

We refresh our hardware platform over the course of a 24 month period, without impacting our system's overall capability.

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Hosting provided by RackSpace
TextAnywhere is a PCI DSS Level 4 Compliant company
TextAnywhere is a Carbon Neutral company
Verisign Protected
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