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SMS gateway

The TextAnywhere SMS gateway enables our client community to send SMS messages from both end-user applications, and their own developed applications.

We are delighted to have earned the right to call as clients over 16,000 UK organisations, each of whom use our SMS gateway to communicate with their clients, employees, partners and users.

SMS gateway services

Our SMS gateway supports the following applications:

  • Web-based end-user applications: TextOnline and TextCampaign
  • Email to SMS services: TextEmail
  • Dedicated inbound numbers: TextInbound
  • Short code numbers: TextPremium
  • HTTPS and Web Service/SOAP API access: Developer Toolkit

SMS gateway charges: just pay for the messages you send!

Our unique commercial proposition enables you to open an account with us on our SMS gateway, at no charge, and pay solely for the text messages you send:

  • No sign-up fee to start using our SMS gateway
  • No monthly or annual fees either
  • No application or Developer Toolkit fees
  • No fee to receive replies or inbound text messages
  • No support fees for using our SMS gateway
  • No fee for adding multiple users
  • No fee to check the delivery of any sent text message

Our free SMS gateway trial

You can trial the quality and simplicity of our SMS gateway service for free:

  • Just open an account with us, for which there is no charge
  • Your first 20 messages sent through the SMS gateway service are free
  • If your trial goes well, just carry on using the SMS gateway service!

Our SMS gateway customer community

Our SMS gateway customer community is now in excess of 16,000 UK organisations, and includes:

  • Single person organisations
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Doctors, dentists, PCTs and hospitals
  • Major companies, including Pepsico, Sainsburys, Harveys, Interflora and IBM

Our SMS gateway services

Our range of SMS gateway services includes:

  • TextOnline: send SMS to contacts stored within online address books
  • TextCampaign: send large numbers of SMS from your own spreadsheet
  • TextEmail: send and receive SMS from any email system
  • TextInbound: enable your clients to text you on your own number
  • TextPremium: run competitions, votes or simple response mechanisms
  • Developer Toolkit: integrate SMS within your application or website

Please do contact us

To discuss any of our SMS gateway services and their appropriateness to your requirements, please do contact us on +44 (0) 8451 221 302 or drop us an email at

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