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TextAnywhere provides organisations with two SMS mail services, enabling text messages to be sent quickly and easily from the convenience of an organisation’s email system.

With our SMS mail services, known as TextEmail, users can send SMS messages from any email system, and receive replies and delivery confirmations by return.

TextEmail has two SMS mail products:

TextEmail non-chargeable SMS mail facility

SMS messages can be sent and received from any email system, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Groupwise and other popular packages.

With this SMS mail service, you just create an email and send it to <mobile>@<our-address>.net. Our system picks up the text message recipient’s phone number from the email address, and takes the text message content from the email’s subject and body.

This SMS mail service has these features:

  • Send a simple mail that is then converted to a text message
  • You can keep the email message to one or more messages
  • Any replies to your text message are delivered to your inbox
  • An email to your inbox confirms when the text is actually delivered
  • Send your identifier (for example “ABC plc”) with the message
  • Your only cost is for the messages that you send

TextEmail chargeable SMS mail facility

Our chargeable SMS mail service is an application that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. The SMS mail software plugs into Outlook and presents a “New SMS” button on a user’s Outlook toolbar.

To send a text message from the SMS mail service, you click on the toolbar button, and up pops a box that is nearly identical to a new email box. Then, just click on the “To” button to choose your recipients from your address book of contacts.

  • Select contacts from address books as you would an email
  • Send text messages and email from Outlook
  • Have the delivery statuses sent back as emails to your inbox
  • Send your identifier (for example “ABC plc”) with the message
  • Have appointment reminders sent as SMS from Outlook
  • Be prompted if your email will be sent as more than one SMS

Our free SMS mail evaluation

Please do evaluate, without charge, the quality and the ease of use of our non-chargeable SMS mail service:

  • Open an account with us – no fee for doing so
  • Your first 20 SMS sent from our non-chargeable SMS mail service are free
  • If you like our SMS mail service, just carry on using your account

Our other services

As well as SMS mail services, TextAnywhere also provides web-based applications and a Developer Toolkit:

  • TextOnline: send SMS to contacts stored within online address books
  • TextCampaign: send large numbers of SMS from your own spreadsheet
  • TextInbound: enable your clients to text you on your own number
  • TextPremium: run competitions, votes or simple response mechanisms
  • Developer Toolkit: integrate SMS within your application or website

To discuss any of our services and their appropriateness to your requirements, please do contact us on +44 (0) 8451 221 302.

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