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Our Background, our Policies and our Foundation

SMS Marketing for Businesses

TextAnywhere provides a range of text messaging services to enable SMS marketing for businesses.

Through its online and email-to-SMS applications and developer toolkit, TextAnywhere helps businesses and public sector organisations conduct SMS marketing initiatives.

Organisations are using SMS marketing more and more as a means to engage with their audiences due its immediacy, reliability and low cost. Messages are typically delivered in to the palm of a recipient’s hand in a few seconds, and cost a few pence.

For example, health clubs run SMS marketing campaigns with membership offers to improve business; car dealerships make potential clients aware of new cars and special deals; nightclubs send out SMS vouchers offering a free drink; and restaurants use SMS marketing to improve business on slower lunchtimes and evenings.

TextAnywhere has offered SMS marketing for businesses since 2003, and has in that time grown an enviable client community of over 16,000 organisations. Clients include the likes of Debenhams, Dixons Stores Group, Harveys, Virgin Active, Dyson, Starbucks, the NHS, housing associations, and hundreds of schools and colleges.

Our initial SMS for business service was TextOnline, a web-based tool to enable businesses to send SMS messages to named contacts from within an address book, and receive replies back to an online SMS inbox.

Our second web-based SMS application is TextCampaign. Rather than sending messages to named contacts, your recipients for TextCampaign are contained within a pre-prepared spreadsheet. You then just go through a simple four-step process to send your message to your list of recipients, varying from a handful of numbers to over 100,000.

TextCampaign is our most widely used application for bulk SMS requirements, and truly enables SMS marketing for business purposes.

With our email-to-SMS applications, TextMail and TextOMS, businesses can send SMS marketing campaigns directly from within email. And with Microsoft’s Outlook supporting the sending of SMS messages, you can now conduct SMS marketing programs from within Outlook itself.

Our Developer Toolkit enables organisations to integrate SMS marketing in to their own business applications, and automate the sending of text messages directly from within their own web sites and applications.

With the success of SMS marketing for businesses, we have seen a significant growth in demand for our own white label service, TextPartner. TextPartner enables businesses to take our SMS services and run them as their own, with the look and feel of their own organisation. Our partners can then take our SMS marketing services, badged as theirs, to their own business community, adding value to their existing products and services, and generating a new business stream.

With our SMS services you just pay for the texts you send. There are no setup fees, ongoing charges, minimum SMS volumes, and no contract commitment.

Please do take a look at our SMS marketing services for business by opening a trial account with us, and send 20 free messages to evaluate the effectiveness of our services to your business.

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If you would like more information on any of our SMS marketing services then please do not hesitate in calling us on 08451 221 302 or emailing us at welcome@textanywhere.net.

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