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SMS Outlook

TextAnywhere brings the world of SMS messaging to a user’s desktop through TextEmail, our SMS Outlook application family.

With our SMS Outlook integration, known as TextEmail, users are able to send and receive SMS text messages as easily as they do emails.

The TextEmail product set has two SMS Outlook services:

1 - TextEmail non-chargeable SMS Outlook service

Text messages can be sent and received from any email system, not just Outlook. With this SMS Outlook version, you just compose an email and send it to <phone-number> Our system takes the SMS recipient’s mobile number from the email address, and takes the SMS body from the email’s subject and body.

This SMS Outlook service offers the following features:

  • Send an email that is then converted to one or more SMS
  • Optionally keep the email message to one SMS
  • Receive replies back in to your email inbox
  • Send your Id (for example “Acme Co Ltd”) with the SMS
  • Confirmation of the SMS delivery is sent back to your inbox
  • No charge for using this SMS Outlook service
  • You just pay for the messages you send

2 - TextEmail chargeable SMS Outlook service

Our chargeable SMS Outlook service provides you with a software plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. The SMS Outlook plug-in fits seamlessly in to Outlook presenting a “New SMS” button on your Outlook toolbar. To send an SMS from the SMS Outlook plug-in, just click on the button, and select your recipients as you would for email – either select them from your address book or type the number in directly.

  • Send and receive SMS directly from Outlook
  • Tight integration with Outlook address books
  • Receive delivery confirmations back in to your inbox
  • Send your Id (for example “Acme Co Ltd”) with the SMS
  • Setup SMS reminders from Outlook
  • Warning of email being converted in to multiple SMS

Our free SMS Outlook trial

You can trial the quality and simplicity of our non-chargeable SMS Outlook service for free:

  • Just open an account with us, for which there is no charge
  • Your first 20 messages sent through the SMS Outlook service are free
  • If your trial goes well, just carry on using the SMS Outlook service!

Our other services

In addition to our SMS Outlook services, we also offer the following text-messaging services:

  • TextOnline: send and receive SMS from an online, contacts-based application
  • TextCampaign: send high volume campaigns to spreadsheet-based recipients
  • TextInbound: receive inbound messages sent to your own dedicated number
  • TextPremium: run online your own Short Code and reverse-billing services

For more information on any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 8451 221 302.

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