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Our Background, our Policies and our Foundation

SMS Services for Schools

SMS services have become much more widely used within schools recently as a highly effective means of communication with parents and carers.

Since legislation came in to effect mandating that absent pupils’ parents and carers must be contacted after the morning and afternoon registration, SMS services for schools have been used as a swift, low cost, and sometimes automated means of communication.

TextAnywhere has provided SMS services for schools since 2003, and includes over 500 academic establishments in its client community of over 16,000 organisations.

Our web-based SMS service, TextOnline, enables schools to maintain an address book of parents securely online, and then select a list of recipients to send a simple SMS message to, confirming a pupil’s absence.

Parents can also reply to the SMS message if required, and TextOnline maintains an audit trail of what message was sent to what parent, and each SMS message’s delivery status.

TextAnywhere has also partnered with school registration application providers, including Capita Education Services and TASC Software, to provide SMS services for schools that are integrated in to their registration software.

Using these registration applications, SMS messages are automatically sent to parents and carers when the register is taken, effectively having an SMS service in each individual class.

Schools with these registration applications just need to open an account with TextAnywhere, and simply configure their applications to automatically send SMS messages through their TextAnywhere account.

In addition to our TextOnline application and application integration, TextAnywhere also has a web-based SMS service for schools supporting communication with a broader group of recipients. TextCampaign is widely used within schools to, for example, communicate to all parents that the school is closed for the day, or confirm to a group of parents that the pupils will be late back from a school trip.

As well as our web-based SMS services for schools, we also provide some schools with email-to-SMS tools. Our TextMail and TextOMS SMS services enable schools to communicate with parents and carers by SMS directly from within their email system.

This approach can be desirable when a school’s communication policy is based around use of their email system.

Through our Foundation we provide our SMS services to schools and other not-for-profit organisations at reduced prices. Any school can use our services on a pre-pay or post-pay basis with a 15% discount.

With our SMS services, schools are only charged for the messages that they send. There are no setup charges, ongoing costs, or support fees, and there is no contract that commits a school to use our SMS services for any length of time.

Any school can take a free, non-committal trial of our SMS services by clicking here and completing the short registration form that follows. We’ll then give you a quick call to activate your account, and answer any questions that you may have.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how our SMS services can help your school, then please do call us on 08451 221 302, or email us on welcome@textanywhere.net

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