A range of online, email, and two-way SMS apps

End-user SMS Services

Send and receive SMS online

A simple but powerful system for sending SMS messages online to one or more contacts. Create & manage your online address book.

Bulk SMS campaigns

Send marketing SMS messages online simply and securely. Easy upload of data for one off campaigns.

SMS surveys

A step-by-step online tool to help you create SMS surveys to analyse customer feedback.

Send and receive SMS by email

Use our simple email to SMS application from any email system, or integrate with our email to SMS gateway.

Virtual mobile numbers

Publish your own dedicated long number – an easy way for people to contact you.

Short codes

Five digit numbers used with a unique keyword for advertising, competitions, help lines, etc, all managed online. Shared or dedicated codes available.

SMS alerts

Alerts for your customers

Partner programs

Run your own text-messaging business

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