Bulk SMS Campaigns

Introducing TextCampaign – a powerful bulk messaging application

TextCampaign - send high volume two-way SMS campaigns online

Bulk SMS Campaigns

Run any volume personalised two way SMS campaigns.

Simple to use

Easy CSV upload of your data for one off campaigns.

Personalise your campaigns

Merge names or other unique data into your messages.

Schedule campaigns

Set up your campaign to send when it suits you. Send your campaign in one go or smooth the delivery over a period of time.

Reply options

Have replies delivered to an email address or collated in a spreadsheet. If you don’t want replies, send your campaign with your company name up to 11 characters.

Opt out system

Give your clients the ability to opt out of future campaigns by replying STOP.

More Features

  • Usuable from any web browser
  • Use additional columns if you wish to personalise the message
  • TextCampaign will de-dupe and format your numbers, removing any numbers that are of incorrect length
  • Split the campaign in to batches by setting the number of messages sent per hour
  • All messages are sent through UK operators
  • No setup, monthly, ongoing or reply charges
  • Set the Originator field of your message to your choice of 11 characters
  • Your SMS message can be a single message of 160 characters
  • Full online assistance is available along with phone support
  • Import recipients via a simple spreadsheet
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