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Introducing TextMail - Send SMS text messages directly and securely from any email system

TextEmail - Send Email to SMS Text Messages

With TextEmail you can quickly and easily send SMS text messages from any email application to any mobile phone through our email-to-SMS gateway, and receive replies and delivery confirmations by return.

We offer two different email-to-SMS services – a service for any email system, and a service specifically for Microsoft Outlook OMS. With both services you just pay for the messages that you send.

TextEmail: two service choices

TextMail A free-to-use service that enables any registered user to send text messages from any email system by sending an email to one of our email domains. We receive the email, verify the user, extract the recipients, subject and message body, and send out the messages.

Emails are authenticated by the sending email address, and can be further secured by a user PIN and by locking down the sending IP address. In addition to user level authentication, domain level authentication is also available.

With TextMail you just pay for the messages that you send.
TextOMS A free-to-use service that enables you to send SMS text messages from within Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 using Outlook’s OMS (Outlook Mobile Service) function. No software is required, as messages are entered through a built-in text composer within Microsoft Outlook, and sent via our SMS gateways.

With TextOMS you just pay for the messages that you send.

With both TextEmail services the recipients of your SMS text messages can reply back to you, with replies coming directly back in to your “Inbox”, along with confirmations that the SMS text messages were delivered to the recipients’ mobile phones.

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No hidden charges for replies, support or features. Just pay for the services you use.

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