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Mobile SMS Marketing

Business are now jumping into mobile SMS marketing faster than any other marketing channel. This is simply because Mobile Marketing can increase sales of existing products as well as introduce new ones. A properly designed and executed SMS Marketing campaign can produce response rates of up to 20% versus declining email open rates.

Tracking meaningful ROI, identifying customers engaging via Mobile SMS Marketing and monitoring delivery rates are all possible through SMS. You can create further targeted Mobile Marketing campaigns and continually build a better understanding of your mobile database. Not only does it mean you save money and improve ROI but by profiling and segmenting out numbers that are least likely to respond, SMS allows your company to target those customers specifically.

5 benefits of using Mobile SMS marketing:

  1. SMS is direct, instant and cost effective.
  2. Employing a short code (i.e. Text CAR to 81025) can simplify a response and will assist in building up your database
  3. SMS can be time sensitive. You may, for example, wish to reach your customers just before the lunch hour (restaurants for example) and want to promote daily specials particularly on slow days of the week.
  4. You can learn more about your customers (by using a Text Survey for example).
  5. Mobile SMS marketing is environmentally friendly. No more wasting paper! Every day we throw out countless envelopes and pamphlets that we never read.
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