Introducing TextInbound - Recieve sms through dedicated sms long number

TextInbound - Inbound SMS service for your business

The TextAnywhere TextInbound service enables organisations to receive SMS text messages through their own dedicated, long phone number.

TextInbound enables you to offer a phone number, exclusively available to your organisation, to assist with inbound SMS marketing programs, to place on documentation and collateral, and for consumer enquiries.

The only charge is for the monthly rental of your TextInbound number, charged at £25 plus VAT per month for a UK number. There are no other charges, no minimum contract and users sending texts in to your number are charged at their normal prevailing message rate.

You can set up your inbound SMS service to simply forward each inbound message to you as an email, or you can use the inbound service to run a competition, host a vote, send back an automated response, or support a subscription service.

If you are a developer partner, you can integrate the receipt of messages directly in to your own application, through HTTPS or our Web Service.

You can create any number of Keywords for your TextInbound number free-of-charge. Anyone texting in to your number can start their text with one of your advertised keywords, and the text will be responded to differently depending on which keyword the message begins with.

As well as UK numbers, we can also provide you with numbers in the following countries: Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Please contact us for pricing and availability details.

For 5-digit numbers, known as Short Codes, please refer to our TextPremium service.

How can you use a TextInbound number?

  • Run marketing campaigns with inbound SMS as a reply option.
  • Receive sales enquiries by text message.
  • Host a talent show vote.
  • Enable field-based engineers to update you with problem progress.
  • Place your dedicated SMS phone number on “For Sale” boards.
  • Offer patients the ability to confirm appointment reminders.
  • Integrate within your own application using our Developer Toolkit.
  • Run a response mechanic with multiple keyword options.
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