Send and Receive SMS Online

Introducing TextOnline - Secure, browser-based application to send and receive SMS messages online

TextOnline - Simple, safe and secure

Send and receive SMS online

A simple but powerful system for sending SMS messages to one or more contacts.. Choose whether you require replies or send with your company name up to 11 characters.

Address book

Create and manage global and personal address books of your contacts.

Receive replies

Choose where to receive your replies; to an email address, an online inbox or directly to a mobile phone number. No costs for receiving replies.

Message templates

Create and save unlimited templates for regular messages.

Schedule messages

Schedule messages for a later time; one off or a range of recurring scheduling options available.


View and download reports giving you a full audit trail of all sent and received messages including message delivery statuses.

More Features

  • Usuable from any web browser
  • Send your chosen 11-character Sender Id with your messages
  • Create and organise groups of contacts within your address books
  • Send SMS messages to individuals and groups
  • Recipients can text STOP and be automatically opted out of future messages
  • Secure online access is provided by Verisign certification
  • Send messages in any language or writing system
  • Review the delivery status of every message sent to each recipient
  • Set each message’s expiration time from 1 to 72 hours
  • Send messages of up to 918 characters in length
  • Create and manage any number of additional users on your corporate account
  • Restrict access to your users’ accounts with IP address lockdown
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