Introducing TextPremium - Set-up, run and manage online your own Short Code inbound marketing services

TextPremium - Capabilities

With TextPremium you can quickly and easily create your own Short Code service, whereby users contact your service by means of a Short Code and Keyword. The Keyword is the first word of the text sent in to the Short Code.

For example, you may wish to invite readers of an advert of yours to contact you by SMS. On your advert you could say “For more information, please text INFO to 84025”. Interested parties would text you, with their messages emailed through to you, and an automated “Thank you for your enquiry” text being sent back to the enquirers.

Alternatively, to enter an advertised competition, for example, a player may text “WIN C” to 82029, where “WIN” is your Keyword, “C” is the player’s answer to your competition question and 82029 is your Short Code.

You can choose to either send back a thank-you text to anyone texting in to your service or to not send a text response. All inbound messages sent to your service will be charged to the senders at their standard network rate for sending a text, which is more than likely going to be free.

TextPremium enables you to run all sorts of services. For example:

  • Offer an SMS-based call-to-action in your marketing campaigns.
  • Enable clients and prospects to engage with you by text message.
  • Run simple "Text and Win" competitions, with a single, multiple-choice question.
  • Provide an SMS route for customers to contact you with their questions.
  • Enable radio show listeners to text in their music requests.
  • Offer local citizens the ability to comment on council services.
  • Run an SMS talent show vote.

Two ways to host and manage your Short Code service:

1. Through your online account with us

We have four free-to-use, online applications that enable you to easily and swiftly set up your Short Code service:

  • » TextQuiz: run simple, single question, multiple choice competitions.
  • » TextVote: host a vote by SMS, with results collated & downloaded.
  • » TextBack: set up a simple, automated text response service.
  • » TextList: run your own subscription service & we manage your list.

You can decide whether to automatically send back texts, how you wish to receive the inbound texts, and how you wish to view the results of your service.

2. Developer Toolkit: where you can build your own service

As a developer partner, you can receive inbound texts sent to your Short Code and Keyword, and send back free-to-receive SMS messages, using a variety of Web Service and HTTPS Service methods.

TextPremium has the following capabilities:

  • Support for Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and 3 mobile networks.
  • Create, register and manage your service online.
  • Four free-to-use, end-user online applications:
    • Access the applications through your online account.
    • Free to use, just pay for your Short Code and Keyword.
    • Run multiple, serial services on a single Short Code/Keyword.
  • Developer Toolkit support:
    • Send and receive SMS from your application.
    • Support for Web Service and HTTPS Service.
    • Complete control over what is sent and received.
    • Fully documented set of services.

To set-up a Short Code service, just login and complete the “New short code” form from the TextPremium area of your online account!

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