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Will my customers be charged a premium for sending a text to my Short Code service?
No. Anyone texting in to your service is just charged their standard network rate for sending a text, which is more than likely going to be free. Nowadays, texts sent in to short codes are taken from a sender's text bundle, which most phone users have within their contract.

Do I just pay a setup fee and then a monthly fee for my Keyword?
Yes. There are no additional charges. Use of the online applications is free. If you're sending back thank-you texts to those customers who text in to you, then we just charge you for those outbound messages at your prevailing rate with us.

Which operators do you support?
We support all of the major UK networks: Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and 3.

If I am running a service where my users are sending messages to a short code, how do I physically receive the messages?
If you are using the TextPremium online applications, then the application will automatically take care of the inbound messages sent to your service. The application will also send back any automatic response that you have set up.

If you are a developer, integrating a service directly in to your own application, you can choose to receive the message in one of the following ways:

1. HTTP(S): to a nominated web page for your application to retrieve.
2. Web Service: for your application to retrieve.

If I am running a subscription service, who manages the subscribes and unsubscribes?
The TextList application will automatically manage your Subscriber List. New subscribers will be sent a “Welcome” text, and all unsubscribers will receive a “Goodbye” text.

Do you use the mobile phone numbers of my subscribers for marketing purposes?
No we do not. We conform to the stringent regulations of the Data Protection Act. Your user and contact details are confidential to you.

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