Introducing TextPremium - Set-up, run and manage online your own Short Code inbound marketing services

TextPremium - Inbound Short Code text marketing services

TextAnywhere provides a range of free-to-use online applications for organisations wishing to use Short Code numbers and Keywords (for example, INFO on 84025) in their inbound text message marketing campaigns. These Short Code numbers and Keywords can be used as a convenient way to enable people to contact you by text message, with you optionally sending back a thank-you SMS message.

With our Short Code services, anyone texting in to you is just charged their standard network rate for sending a text unless it is a “toll free” service where the cost of the inbound message is charged to you.

You may just want to offer your clients an easy way of contacting you by SMS, by texting a Keyword to a Short Code. For example:

  • “Text CAR to 81025 for more details on our new car offers”
  • “For more information text INFO to 84025”
  • “Please contact the Council by texting CAMBS to 81025”
  • “To vote, text STAR followed by the act number to 80039”

Please do try these examples – you’ll just be charged your standard rate for sending a text message.

For each keyword service we charge a setup and a monthly fee:

  • Setup charge - £29
  • Monthly fee - £39

Service summary

  • Free and easy to use online applications:
    • TextQuiz: run simple multiple choice competitions.
    • TextVote: run a text vote service.
    • TextBack: set up a simple auto-response service.
    • TextList: host your own subscription service.
  • Shared and dedicated Short Codes available.
  • Standard rate and Toll-free Short Codes available.
  • Setup, amend and view your service's results securely online.
  • Integration with our Web Service and HTTPS Service Developer Toolkit APIs.
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