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Why Consider TextAnywhere

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SMS Reminders

Upload contacts and schedule Text Reminders therefore reaching your customers directly and with ease.

With our platform using any one of our products you can send SMS appointment reminders and of course other time sensitive information. We recommend TextOnline for one off speedy Text confirmations and TextCampaign for sending bulk SMS reminders.

SMS reminders can be set up in a manner of minutes alerting your customers of upcoming appointments or confirming a time of delivery.

Text reminders can work for every business, highlighted below are a few examples:

  • For Healthcare - Send SMS appointment reminders and reduce no-shows for GP’s and Hospitals
  • For Education - Text reminders to parents about school trips, reports, truancy, school closure and parents evenings to name a few.
  • For Automotive - Remind your customers when their MOT / Service is due by sending a simple text reminders (and if you are really clever find out when their Tax is due and send a SMS reminder for this too!)
  • For Hairdressers, Beauty Salons & Spa’s - Send Text confirmations for appointments and indeed any special promotions - ie. new designer hair care products selling at discounted rates
  • For Restaurants, Hotels - Send SMS reminders for meal deals and voucher codes, plus any accommodation confirmations so they have this to hand on check in.

Using our free trial why not set up Text Reminders alerting your customers to important dates and times and they may appreciate your business a little more in the process!

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