SMS Surveys

Introducing TextSurvey – gain vital customer insight by creating and running your own SMS surveys on line

TextSurvey - from single to multi-question SMS surveys, all under your control

Tailor your survey

Create your own simple or interactive personalised SMS surveys, with optional introduction and completion messages.

Enrolment options

Enrol your clients by a simple upload, automate with our API or publish a number for self-enrolment.


Download reports to analyse your feedback or use our API to automate the process.

Reply options

Use our reply paths or your own TextInbound dedicated virtual long number.

Automated Opt out

Your clients can opt out of a survey by replying STOP.

No hidden costs

Set-up of TextSurvey application free of charge, only pay for actual usage.

More Features

  • Useable from any web browser
  • Complete the survey with an optional thank-you text message
  • Each question is sent out automatically on receipt of the previous question’s response
  • Stipulate a specific delay between your optional introductory text message and the first question of your survey
  • Send out SMS invitations to potential participants through TextSurvey or the Developer Toolkit
  • All feedback texts are charged to the sender at their standard network rate
  • Gain invaluable feedback on your products and services
  • Pause and resume your text survey as you wish to
  • Run a single question survey or one with any number of questions
  • Invite survey participation through other media, such as leaflets, adverts or in-store promotion
  • Use our reply-path or your own rented TextInbound number or TextPremium short code as the response route
  • Your questions, and introductory and thank-you texts can be up to 918 characters in length
  • View feedback and data from past text surveys online for up to 12 months after stopping a survey
  • Restrict access to your online account with IP address lockdown
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No hidden charges for replies, support or features. Just pay for the services you use.

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