Introducing TextSurvey - Create and run simple, multi-question SMS surveys to receive feedback from clients

TextSurvey - is an online app to run text-based surveys

TextSurvey allows you to create simple single, or multi-question, SMS surveys in minutes and start receiving invaluable client or patient feedback by reply text message. Gaining customer feedback is invaluable, and SMS surveys have traditionally been carried out through large, expensive applications. We have now made this a lot easier and far more cost effective as you only pay for the text messages you send. With TextSurvey you just create your single or multiple question SMS survey in our easy to use online application, invite participants by text, then view and analyse your feedback. To find out more about

Now you can design your own bespoke Survey with ‘Design Mode'

TextSurvey’s design mode allows you to create surveys visually! It displays a flow chart style graph, allowing you to see the various paths that take you through your survey.

When you make changes, the graph cleverly updates automatically in the background, so that you never lose track of any of the survey designs that you create. Haven’t got an account yet? Get started now.

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From the browser you will be able to view, print or save the brochure.

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