Introducing TextSurvey - Create and run simple, multi-question SMS surveys to receive feedback from clients

TextSurvey - Why TextSurvey?

TextSurvey enables you to gather customer, consumer and patient feedback simply and swiftly through running a text message-based survey.

We believe TextSurvey may be of value to your organisation because with TextSurvey you can:

  • Gain invaluable feedback on your products and services.
  • Receive feedback minutes after creating your text survey.
  • Benchmark your service on a regular basis to see how your service is perceived.
  • Implement the NHS Friends and Families Test easily, quickly and cost effectively.
  • Use the feedback to support your continuous improvement programs.
  • Receive objective, numerical data feedback, as well as subjective, free format comments from customers.
  • Ask for your customers’ feedback after they have bought your product or used your service.
  • Survey your patients after a visit to a hospital, clinic or surgery.
  • Discover which areas of your service your customers or patients like, and which need improvement.
  • Conduct surveys in multiple languages and countries.
  • Integrate outbound survey invitations in to your applications as an automated step after client engagement.
  • Run highly cost-effective surveys, where you just pay for the messages you are sending.
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