Introducing TextSurvey - Create and run simple, multi-question SMS surveys to receive feedback from clients

TextSurvey - is an online app to run text-based surveys

With TextSurvey you can create a simple, single or multi-question SMS survey in minutes, and be receiving invaluable client or patient feedback by return text message.

Gaining customer feedback through an SMS survey has traditionally been the domain of large, expensive applications. Now, with TextSurvey, you can create your single or multiple question SMS survey online, invite participants by text, and view and analyse participant feedback online.

And, because all you pay for are the messages (questions) that you send out, conducting a survey by text is very cost effective too.

With TextSurvey you first create your survey by adding the questions that you would like the survey participants to respond to. You can also send out optional introductory and thank-you texts to begin and end your survey with, if you wish.

Once created, you can then invite participants to take your survey by either sending out an invitation text, or have participants respond to some other medium you wish to use to promote your survey. You can also automate the sending of an outbound invitation text from within your own application, by using our Developer Toolkit.

Each question is then sent out automatically in response to the participant’s previous feedback text until each question has been responded to. Each answer is then stored online for you to download and analyse as required.

Any participant can choose to opt out of your survey by texting STOP at any time, and no further questions will be sent out.

For participants to send in their feedback texts, you can choose to use our reply-path numbers, or, if you wish, you can use a TextInbound long number or short code number, either of which would be dedicated to your survey.

With TextSurvey, you only pay for the text messages that you send out – there are no setup or application charges.

Now you can design your own bespoke Survey with ‘Design Mode'

TextSurvey’s design mode allows you to create surveys visually! It displays a flow chart style graph, allowing you to see the various paths that take you through your survey.

When you make changes, the graph cleverly updates automatically in the background, so that you never lose track of any of the survey designs that you create. Haven’t got an account yet? Get started now.

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