Ensure critical email warnings and alerts from IT systems are sent by text message to pre-defined team members

TextAlert - Capabilities

TextAlert enables you to take emails that are automatically generated from a computer system and have them forwarded on as SMS text messages, automatically, to a list of recipients. You can of course also use the service to take emails from a personal email account and forward them to your mobile phone.

The service has the following capabilities:

  • Forward important emails as SMS text messages.
  • Emails in excess of 160 characters will be sent as one message, up to a maximum of 918 characters in length, though charged in multiples of 153 characters.
  • Set the Originator field to a number or any 11 characters.
  • Set-up any number of alerts, each with their own email address.
  • Use different addresses for different alert types & recipient lists.

Setting up a TextAlert is simplicity itself. Once you have an account with us, you just follow three simple steps:

  1. Create your own TextAlert email address online.
  2. List the mobile phone numbers of those to receive the alerts.
  3. Set-up your IT systems to send alerts to your new email address.

And then, when email alerts are automatically generated from the originating computer systems, they are automatically forwarded as SMS text messages to the recipients’ mobile phones.

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