Ensure critical email warnings and alerts from IT systems are sent by text message to pre-defined team members

TextAlert - Brochure

The TextAlert service enables critical messages conveyed in email form to be translated in to text messages and then sent to a pre-defined list of recipients’ mobile phones as SMS alerts. This service gets critical information on the performance of computer systems in to the palm of those that need to know, quickly and reliably.

Up until now, automatically generated email alerts remain unseen unless the recipients are physically reading their email. Clearly out of hours this is not the case. With TextAlert, a new way of getting critical alerts and important information to the right people is now available.

TextAlert works by providing you with your own email address, on our servers, that you plug in to your IT system or device. Then, when your IT system or device sends an email alert or warning, our systems receive the email, and convert it in to one or more SMS messages and send the messages to your distribution list of recipients.

How can you use it?

  • Pick-up critical, automated email messages from IT systems.
  • Enable Help Desk staff to be warned of system status changes.
  • Ensure support teams are notified of alerts and warnings.
  • Forward important emails from your email Inbox to your phone via SMS.
  • Be alerted on your mobile phone when different events occur.
  • Generate SMS messages from any application that can send email.
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