Introducing TextCampaign - Run high volume, personalised, two-way SMS marketing campaigns online

TextCampaign - Capabilities

TextCampaign will enable you to quickly and professionally construct and execute your own text-message marketing campaigns. Whether you are sending out 100 messages or one hundred thousand messages, TextCampaign will deliver your message to your audience, swiftly and reliably.

TextCampaign has the following capabilities:

  • Create and send your SMS campaign in minutes through the four-step online wizard.
  • Schedule your campaign to be sent in one go, or over many hours, or in batches at different times of the day.
  • Import recipients via a simple spreadsheet, with a minimum of a single column containing the phone numbers.
  • Use additional columns if you wish to personalise the message with, for example, each recipient's first name.
  • TextCampaign will de-dupe and format your numbers, removing any numbers that are of incorrect length.
  • Set the Originator field of your message, who the message appears to be from, to your choice of 11 characters.
  • Your SMS message can be a single message of 160 characters, or up to a maximum of 918 characters.
  • Split the campaign in to batches by setting the number of messages sent per hour or sent during specific hours.
  • Campaigns can be scheduled for immediate delivery or delivery at a date and time in the future.
  • Delivery statuses are provided for every message recipient, available for download in a spreadsheet format.
  • Receive replies back from your recipients, either as emails or collated in a downloadable spreadsheet.
  • Recipients can text back STOP and opt out of future campaigns, helping you adhere to relevant EU legislation.
  • Full online assistance is available along with phone support through our Client Sales Support team.
  • All messages are sent through UK operators, ensuring a robust and reliable business-grade service.
  • There are no setup, monthly, ongoing or reply charges – you just pay for the messages that you send.
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