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Introducing TextInbound - Recieve sms through dedicated sms long number

TextInbound - Capabilities

With TextInbound you can publish your SMS phone number to your clients, prospective clients, colleagues and partners, and receive their text messages in to your organisation, arriving with you within seconds of the message being sent.

By creating keywords for your TextInbound number, you can run many different services or promotions on your number at no additional cost. On the same number you could run an SMS vote service, a text competition, and a simple auto-response service.

For more information on how you can run a vote, a competition, a subscription service or a response mechanic on your TextInbound number, please do take a look at our free-to-use online applications by clicking on the Online Applications left-hand menu option.

The service has the following capabilities:

  • Select your SMS phone number for your organisation.
  • Keep the phone number for as long as you like.
  • Receive inbound text messages as emails.
  • Create keywords that are responded to differently.
  • Run an SMS vote where voters text in with their chosen selection.
  • Host a text competition where entrants text in their competition answer.
  • Manage a simple response service where senders receive back an SMS.
  • Run a subscription service where you send messages to subscribers.
  • As a developer, receive messages via HTTP or the Web Service.
  • Receive the message body, date/time and the sender’s number.
  • Messages can be sent to you from any UK or international mobile.
  • Publish your number to any group and receive messages.

From your online account with us, select the TextInbound service and follow these steps:

  1. Choose your dedicated phone number from our list of numbers.
  2. Confirm your purchase and your phone number is live for you!
  3. Select how you would like incoming messages to be received.
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