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Introducing TextInbound - Recieve sms through dedicated sms long number

TextInbound - Online Applications

Free-to-use on line applications

Once you’ve purchased your TextInbound number from within your online account, you can set up your TextInbound number to work with any of our online applications. You can also set up as many keywords as required and “attach” them to your TextInbound number – there is no additional cost for keywords. Each keyword can be set up individually with any of our on-line applications.

Use of the applications are free and you can access and amend your service online whenever you wish.

TextBack, TextQuiz and TextVote

These simple to use applications collate the inbound messages allowing you to view the results online or download each inbound SMS and, if required, forward to you by email (ideal for a “help” line). Optionally the applications allow you can send back a free-to-receive text message to acknowledge receipt of the inbound message. Each application has been designed with a different on-line interface to display the inbound data to assist whether you are running a simple auto-response or your own quiz or vote.


TextList enables you to set up and manage your own subscription service. A subscription service is one where your clients sign-up to your service, and you send messages to the subscriber list, held by us, from within your online account.

Clients joining your service are automatically added to your subscriber list, and are sent a “Welcome” text. Any clients leaving your service are automatically removed, and are sent a “Goodbye” text.

TextList has the following process for setting-up your subscription service:

  • Enter the “Welcome” and “Goodbye” text messages
  • Invite clients to text in and join your service
  • Send messages to your subscriber lists
  • Clients leave by texting in STOP to your service


TextGroup enables you to set up and manage text conversations between designated groups of recipients. Conversations are initiated by an inbound message being sent to either your dedicated TextInbound number or to a short code/keyword, this inbound message is then forwarded to a pre-assigned group of recipients managed from your on line address book. Recipients are able to respond and responses are forwarded back to the group forming a “chat thread”.

TextGroup can also be used in conjunction with “keywords” allowing you to form differing interest groups i.e. you could set up “HELP” and “SALES” groups each with a separate set of recipients.


Inbound messages can also simply be forwarded to you by Email (SMTP), Web (HTTP) or Web Service if you don’t wish to use any of the above applications.

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