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Offer a full-featured text service to your clients, branded in your colours and logo

TextPartner- White Label SMS Text Service

TextPartner, our White Label offering, enables you to run your own text-messaging business, offering all of our end-user applications as your own. We provide you with the applications, the SMS services, the management tools, and the hosted business.

Your clients will be able to securely login through your customised login page to use your services. Once logged in, your clients will be able to send and receive messages, purchase other services, access documentation, and manage their account with you.

The applications that you can offer as part of your fully-featured text service are the following:

  • TextOnline – An online, address-book-based, SMS sending service, with replies and delivery statuses
  • TextCampaign – An online, spreadsheet-based, two-way SMS service for sending large message volumes
  • TextMail – A two-way email-to-SMS service, to send SMS from any email system
  • TextOMS – Make use of the Microsoft 2007 OMS function to send text messages directly from Outlook
  • TextPremium – An online short code application, enabling users to contact the client by SMS or run text competitions
  • TextInbound – An inbound service for clients to purchase their own 11-digit numbers, and set up keywords
  • TextAlert – An alerting service that receives email alerts from IT systems, sending out SMS to a distribution list
  • Developer Toolkit – A set of APIs for clients to integrate the sending and receiving of SMS within their application

The above application names are our names for the applications – you can choose which names you give to your version of those applications. To find out more about each of the applications above just visit the appropriate area of our web site.

We provide you with a comprehensive Dashboard to manage all aspects of your service:

  • Activate clients that have registered to use your service
  • Track the delivery status for a client’s messages
  • Add message purchases to a client’s account
  • Authorise a client’s purchase of other chargeable services
  • Export your client’s transactions to your billing platform
  • View message volumes and other business metrics

The TextPartner platform is also capable of supporting White Label businesses outside of the UK, and has the following international capabilities:

  • Multi-lingual-ready – a user can choose their preferred language
  • Multiple time zone support – a user can set their preferred time zone location
  • UNICODE character set support – a user can send messages in any language
  • Message delivery to countries throughout the world
  • Localised phone number auto-formatting
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