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TextPartner White Label FAQ

TextPartner, our White Label offering, enables you to run your own text-messaging business, offering all of our end-user applications as your own. We provide you with the applications, the SMS services, the management tools, and the hosted business.

Is there really no mention of TextAnywhere on my version of your services?
There is no mention of TextAnywhere. This service is a true white label service, supporting your logo, colour scheme, and service names.

Can I choose to only offer some of your services to my clients?
Yes, absolutely. Through your Dashboard (that enables you to manage your TextPartner service) you can set which services are offered to your clients.

How do I bill my clients for the services they use?
That’s up to you. We will invoice you monthly for the services that your TextPartner application uses, at the preferential terms for TextPartner clients. We also provide you with detailed billing information that you can then use to charge your clients. This billing information can be used by third-party accounting applications to invoice your clients.

Can my clients buy my services in advance through TextPartner?
Yes, to a certain extent. You can set each client of yours to be either a Pre-pay or Post-pay client. With a Pre-pay client any purchase they wish to make (for a pack of messages, or a short code, for example), will need to be approved by you first. That approval could be you calling the client and taking a payment. A Post-pay client will send messages and purchase services without your intervention, and should be billed by you at the end of the month with the billing information we provide you with.

How does the monthly fee reduce and disappear?
In essence the monthly fee is your minimum spend with us each month. If you generate £100 worth of revenue in the first month, then you will be invoiced for the £195 monthly fee. If in the second month you generate £300 worth of revenue, then you will be invoiced for just the £300 revenue, not the monthly fee.

Is there a minimum contract length for this service?
The minimum contract length for TextPartner is just one month, with one month’s written notice if you wish to stop the service.

How do my clients signup to my service?
Part of the white label service is a client registration page. You just need to point your clients to that page, they register and you are notified of a new client for your service. You then activate the client on your TextPartner Dashboard and let the client know. The client uses your services by logging in securely through a tailored login page.

Do you also host a static web site promoting my SMS service?
Unfortunately not. Our TextPartner clients promote their SMS services on their own corporate web site, linking to our web site for a client to both register with your service, and login to use your service.

Will the web address of my SMS service show TextAnywhere?
No. We have a generic, secure (HTTPS) web address which we use to host our white label partner services. The web address does not resolve to being TextAnywhere’s

I want to offer an SMS service outside of the UK. Can this be done?
Yes, absolutely. The TextPartner applications are multi-lingual ready, and we will be adding additional languages very shortly. When a user logs in to your SMS service, they can select their chosen language, as well as their default time zone. Messages can of course be sent anywhere in the world from your system, and can be constructed using the characters, symbols, and languages of the user’s choosing.

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