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Send Text Messages From Your Computer

Our range of online, email and developer services enables you to easily and swiftly send text messages from your computer.

Texting from your computer has become a valuable additional communication medium, enabling you to send a text message in to the palm of someone’s hand from the comfort of your computer.

Our clients use our SMS text services to send text messages to those that are important to their organisation. Uses include letting visitors know of a change in meeting place, confirming an appointment, sending a text reminder, sending out a membership offer, or schools confirming pupil attendance.

TextAnywhere provides a number of end-user applications to enable you to send a text message from a computer. We have two web-based applications, TextOnline and TextCampaign.

With TextOnline you can send SMS from your computer to named contacts that are stored in groups on your secure user account. You can receive replies back from your sent messages, as well as delivery confirmations.

TextCampaign supports texting from a computer by enabling you to send an SMS text message to a list of recipients contained in a spreadsheet that you previously prepared. You can even personalise the SMS you send from the computer to each recipient by including, for example, the first name of each recipient within the text message.

As well as being able to send texts from a computer through secure, online services, TextAnywhere also has two email-to-SMS services.

With TextMail you can send SMS from a computer’s email system. You send the email to us, from any email system, and our service automatically sends a text message to your designated recipient.

If you have Microsoft Outlook 2007 or above, you can make use of our TextOMS service to send text messages directly from within your computer’s Outlook.

In addition to our web and email end-user applications you can also send SMS from a computer automatically by using our developer toolkit.

With our developer toolkit you can use our Web Service and HTTPS Service to integrate the sending of SMS text messages directly from your computer’s application or web site.

All of our applications and developer toolkit APIs enable you to receive replies from the text messages you sent from the computer, if you wish to.

And all you pay for are the SMS messages that you send from your computer. There are no setup fees, monthly charges, and no minimum contract term.

Over 16,000 clients use our services to send text messages from their computers.

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