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TextAnywhere: high quality, reliable, SMS text message services

The challenge

How do you ensure messages are relayed swiftly to your mobile colleagues so that they can be acted upon? How does an estate agent cost-effectively let many prospective buyers know of a new house on the market? How does a doctor’s surgery encourage its patients to attend their appointments?

You could use email – but the message may not be picked up in time. Or you could call each person’s mobile phone – but that’s expensive, time consuming and intrusive.

There is an alternative that enables email-like messages to be sent to mobile phones, that are immediately delivered, can be sent swiftly to multiple recipients and are lower cost and less intrusive than a mobile phone call.

SMS Text Messaging

The sending of SMS text messages has evolved from being a mobile to mobile, consumer service to being a highly effective, reliable and cost-effective method for organisations to keep in contact with their clients and partners.

Keep your clients informed

The TextAnywhere services can be used to update the clients of an organisation with the status of their client sales support enquiry or provide location details of a forthcoming seminar.

Contacting select clients of an organisation with promotional messages can be simply sent from a pc with Microsoft Outlook or TextOnline. Whether it is a video store letting its clients know that the latest new release is available or a restaurant owner offering an incentive to diners booking on a particular day, organisations can now keep in touch with their clients simply and cost-effectively.

Send messages to mobile colleagues or appointment reminders to patients

Equally, the service can be used to remind an organisation’s clients or patients of next-day appointments, helping to cut down on expensive client or patient no-shows. Putting a message on a patient’s mobile phone will encourage them to attend the appointment or prompt them to cancel prior to the appointment.

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