Why Consider TextAnywhere

TextAnywhere: high quality, reliable, SMS text message services

Why consider TextAnywhere?

We appreciate you taking a look at our services, and for considering us to meet your text-messaging needs. We also appreciate that you have a choice in who you partner with.

There are many good text-messaging companies for you to choose from. We would like to share with you why TextAnywhere has become a leading provider of text messaging services in the UK and, hopefully, earn the right to be considered further by you.

Our objective for our clients

Our objective is to provide our client community with a text messaging service that:

  1. Does what it says, is always up, and delivers the messages
  2. Offers good value for money
  3. Provides readily available, first class support from real people
  4. Operates securely and confidentially
  5. A long standing, reputable company with a proven pedigree

These five statements underpin every decision and investment that TextAnywhere makes. We are truly passionate about our clients, about delivering the services our clients need, and about being there for our clients when they need us.

With our proven track record of delivering high quality solutions, we understand the value of commencing a client project with clear business and functional objectives, monitoring and control, and close communications.

Meeting our objective

So, how can we justify achieving each of the five objective statements? What steps do we take to deliver against each one?

  1. Does what it says, is always up, and delivers the messages

    • We only provide services for businesses and for the public sector
    • We offer simple to use online applications and a developer toolkit
    • Our platforms are replicated, and our components are redundant
    • We only use UK operators to ensure the highest delivery quality
  2. Offers good value for money

    • No setup fees, monthly charges, reply fees, or support costs
    • No contract period or commitment for our standard services
    • You just pay for the messages that you send
    • We offer discounts to, amongst others, charities, academia, NHS
    • We offer a free, no-obligation and no-commitment evaluation
  3. Provides readily available support from real people

    • Support starts by ensuring our services are always available
    • Call us with a question, an issue, for help, or with any feedback
    • Our telephone numbers are on each page of our website
    • We’re here from 0800 to 1800, Monday to Friday, and beyond!
    • You can talk to our support team and our development team
  4. Operates securely and confidentially

    • We have had no unwanted intrusions, or data losses/compromises
    • Our systems have many levels of firewall and data protection
    • All internet communications between you and our app site are encrypted
    • We passed a Penetration Test performed by a major UK bank
    • Your data is only used by us to send your messages
  5. A long standing, reputable company with a proven pedigree

    • We have been in operation for over 10 years
    • We are growing, financially viable and profitable
    • Our client community includes organisations from the FTSE 100 to small independent businesses
    • Clients include PepsiCo, Virgin Active, Sainsbury’s, Totton College
    • 71% of our new clients come from our existing clients

Whatever your application or project needs, TextAnywhere would welcome the opportunity of discussing your requirements in detail.

Please contact us by either completing the short form below, or by calling us on 0845 122 1302.

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