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Keeping you in touch

Use text-messaging applications to keep in contact with those people that matter to your organisation.

Mobile colleagues

With more and more employees working away from the office, ensuring that each mobile colleague receives key messages promptly becomes ever more important. Messages need to be relayed swiftly to enable action to be taken.

Perhaps a client needs an urgent call returned, the meeting time has been brought forward or tomorrow’s sales meeting is now being held in the Ascot Suite. The TextAnywhere service delivers the message direct to the mobile colleague in a non-intrusive way and without the need for a more expensive mobile call.


With the quality of client sales support that an organisation delivers to its clients significantly affecting a client’s loyalty, keeping in contact with each client is of critical importance.

Whether it is to update a client with the resolution progress of a logged problem, providing seminar location details or confirming receipt of a client’s order, keeping in contact with your clients shows each client that they are at the heart of your organisation.


With local authorities and public sector organisations striving to implement the e-Government initiative to help deliver better public services, better communication with citizens is a key component to success. With the vast majority of citizens owning mobile phones the opportunity exists to utilise the TextAnywhere service to deliver relevant information to individuals or groups of citizens.

To reduce appointment no-shows, citizens could be reminded of next-day appointments. Young citizens could have information on local activities and amenities provided on a regular basis. Updates on the progress of citizen enquiries can be provided to citizens from the TextAnywhere service.


With over 2.5 million GP hours, equating to over £300m, being wasted in patients not turning up for appointments (according to a 2002 NHS survey), the opportunity exists to save significant sums by encouraging patients to attend their appointments.

By using the TextAnywhere service, patients can be reminded a week or a day before their appointment with a message direct to their mobile phones (with permission secured first). This facility is applicable to GPs, dentists, hospitals and other bodies that have appointments at the cornerstone of their organisation.


Each of us have favourite shops and restaurants that we visit on a regular basis. Most of us wouldn’t mind being contacted on an infrequent basis with relevant information, promotions or offers from such establishments.

Perhaps a restaurant could encourage us to attend on a less popular night of the week by offering a free appetiser or a bottle of wine. A taxi service could let its clients know the number and make of the taxi waiting outside to take them home. A car dealer could inform us that a new demonstrator is now available for us to test drive.

The TextAnywhere service enables retailers to cost-effectively, easily and swiftly remain in contact with its clients, encouraging each client to return and invest further.

Business partners

Being in contact with other parties important to your organisation can also be aided by the TextAnywhere service. Whether it be informing contractors of a new job that needs addressing swiftly or sharing promotional success with reseller partners.

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