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So why text message marketing?

Text message marketing is one of, if not the most powerful mobile marketing strategies any business, no matter how large or small, can implement quickly and easily.

The stats don’t lie:

The average person looks at their phone over 200 times a day. 86% of all mobile users check their phones within an hour of waking up. 98% of all texts are opened and read within 3 minutes – guaranteeing your message will be read quickly

It’s cost effective:

In comparison to postage costs using direct mail for example, implementing text messaging software is not only cost effective, its direct and easy to use. No more missed opportunities - a text message won’t get lost in the post.

It’s accessible to almost everyone:

The benefits of utilising our text messaging software for your organisation speak for themselves. For example the recipient doesn’t even need to have internet access to receive a text message, just a phone signal anywhere in the world. Meaning you are able to communicate with your customers, staff and suppliers directly and effectively. Making text messaging the most accessible route of communication.

It saves time:

Sending bulk messages to all your customers literally takes no longer than sending one text on your own phone. So not only will you free up some precious time, with the high open rates received you could see results in minutes!

Its targeted:

Because text marketing is an opt-in service you are only targeting the customers who have an actual interest in your product. This eliminates the time and money spent contacting individuals who are not willing to interact with your business.

TextAnywhere offers a free opt out service! Learn more on Opt Out here.

Do you want to send bulk texts? Then TextCampaign is the right tool for you.

If you want to send and receive texts using our online address book system then take a look at our TextOnline System.

If you want to automate your own text messaging platform? Our free Developer Toolkit will show you how.

*source: Smart Insights

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